IRAC moves NHRC against the atrocity of a tribal man

On 12 September 2021, IRAC moved to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) over the torture of a tribal man for not paying Rs. 5.

On 11th September, Jitendra Dehuri, a 35-year-old tribal man had visited a hotel named “Maa” in the afternoon to have his lunch. The hotel owner Madhu Sahu, a non-tribal, asked him to pay a bill of Rs 45for the meal. But the customer Jitendra had only Rs 40 with him and requested the hotel owner to allow him to pay the remaining Rs 5 in the evening.

But the hotel owner and his son mercilessly thrashed the victim over a bill of Rs 5 in

the middle of the road in full public glare. A video of this incident went viral and is available at the following link: 

IRAC demanded inquiry of this case and arrests of all the accused connected who subjected violence on Jitendra.

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