Custodial torture of tribal farmer in Suryapet district,Telangana

On the night of 10 November 2021, a tribal farmer identified as Veerashekar (25 years), was tortured in custody at Atmakur police station in Suryapet district in Telangana.

Veerashekar is a resident of Ramoji Tanda under Atmakur Police Station in Suryapet district. In the afternoon of 10 November 2021, when he was working at his agricultural field, three policemen came and picked up the victim without giving any reason. Later police claimed that he was picked up for questioning in connection with a theft that took place at Eluru village a few days ago.

According to the victim’s family members, the police refused to inform about the reason for arrest of Veerashekar. Late at night (10 November), they received a call from the police station asking them to take Veerashekar home because he was unwell. When the family members reached the police station, they found Veerashekar in an unconscious state, due to alleged torture in police custody.

After regaining consciousness, Veerashekaralso alleged that he was brutally tortured by the police. He alleged that the police stretched his hands and legs after pinning him against a wall and beat him with belts and sticks at the police station. Later, under pressure from the family members and public, the police shifted the victim, Veerashekar, to Suryapet district hospital for treatment on 11 November.

On 12 November 2021, Indigenous Rights Advocacy Centre (IRAC) has intervened with the National Human Rights Commission over the incident of custodial torture demanding, among others, a judicial inquiry into the custodial torture of Veerashekar and the suspension of the Station House Officer of the Atmakur police station in Suryapet district and arrest all the accused police personnel under the relevant provisions of the law including the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and under relevant sections of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

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